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In the fasting month of Ramadan 1444H, the Regent of Bangka, Mulkan, SH.MH, and the Secretary of Bangka Regency, H. Andi Hudirman, received an extraordinary surprise at their official residence, Sunday (9/4)

The surprise was in the form of a joint prayer and gathering to commemorate the birth of the two Bangka Regency Government officials who were both born in April.

Thank you to my beloved wife, Yusmiati Mulkan, who was the initiator of this activity, and also the wife of the Bangka Regional Secretary,” said Mulkan.

I didn’t expect it at all because our schedule in the afternoon was a Ramadan safari to the Terabas group,
Even I was in the garden from the morning and was exiled, when I returned to the official residence in the afternoon I was surprised how come there had been a carpet event, while all the heads of the OPD did not inform and leak it, it turned out that it had been conditioned,” said Mulkan.

Likewise with media colleagues, you know, when I got together at the official residence, I asked the Regional Secretary what was wrong, making me wonder
Mulkan said.

I was just given an explanation seconds before breaking the fast from my wife apparently there was a special agenda, namely a prayer of congratulations and friendship commemorating the birthday with the Secretary of Bangka Regency H. Andi Hudirman.

Once again, said Mulkan, thank you to my wife and also the wife of the Regional Secretary and all those who pranked her today, who were immediately greeted with laughter.

it turned out that this event had previously been planned far in advance, even though on that date the regional secretary and I were out of town and I was shocked,” Mulkan said.

Mulkan also expressed his gratitude to the Sungailiat branch of Bank SumselBabel who also attended this event.

everything can happen because there is a good working relationship together,
kinship and Islamic brotherhood.

According to Mulkan, the birth anniversary has beautiful numbers, namely 49 and 59 because they were both born in April,” said Mulkan.

Mulkan expressed his gratitude to all parties who have maintained and maintained cohesiveness and togetherness.

Today is the 18th day and we are fasting and there are 12 days left, so make good use of the remaining time, and
has entered the second phase, namely the magfiroh phase, namely the forgiveness phase,” he said.

Hopefully all the mistakes and sins that we commit, whether intentionally or not big or small, visible or invisible, may we receive forgiveness from Allah SWT,” said Mulkan.

So, carry out Ramadan fasting seriously and with sincerity, apart from enduring thirst and hunger, we must also be able to control ourselves and our passions,” he continued.

He hopes that fasting for the month of Ramadan 1444H will not be “cleft” adopting our old adage which means there should be no defects,” he said.

what is no less important is that we have to have a high level of faith and piety and be grateful to Allah SWT because we are still reunited in the month of Ramadan 1444H/2023 Masehi.

While there is time and opportunity, don’t waste it, make the best use of it,” concluded Mulkan.(Red-01)

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